Renting the centre

You can hire Maitreya House for Buddha Dharma and related spiritual activities. We have no hard and fast rules about who can use the centre, except that we will only offer it to those who will respect its purpose and values.

Many visiting Lamas from all over the world are invited to teach at Maitreya House, which is closely linked with The Orchard, a centre for healing Shiatsu and meditation that is situated just across the road.

Rental costs for the house and cabins in 2022 are based on £22 per person for any part of 24hrs (or £15 camping); minimum house rental £100 per night.  There is a winter fuel supplement (Oct-end March) of £5 a day.

Rental cost for the studio is £35 per night (enquire for longer rental periods) and can be booked separately from the house.

We now have wifi on site, located in the studio, with an ethernet cable link to the house.

The zendo

By arrangement, the large zendo at the Orchard next door can also be made available, at £100 per day or £50 per half-day.

The zendo
The zendo
Zendo interior