Information for organisers

All retreat and event organisers are responsible for the wellbeing and safety of all attendees, and  maintaining the condition of the property and grounds throughout.

Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • All attendees will abide by the precepts
  • Agreeing fee and paying agreed deposit on registration to secure place
  • Final payment three days in advance of course/event
  • Arranging to meet with a representative of the Crystal Group, if you are not already familiar with the property, to be shown around and given the keys
  • Maintaining the property and the grounds in an excellent condition during the event or retreat, and leaving it clean and tidy for the next incomers
  • Turning off water, heating and all radiators in rooms to 2 position
  • Check all electric heaters are off in Kutis
  • Turn off gas at source outside kitchen
  • Replace or pay for any breakages, inform committee of any issues that need addressing in relation to the upkeep of the property
  • Leave the kitchen clean, remove rubbish, turn off the fridge and leave the doors open
  • Shut all windows and lock all doors in house and Kutis before leaving
  • Communicate the information above to all those attending the event or retreat, and carry out a safety briefing such as what to do in the event of fire
  • Make sure that Dana bowls are left out during the event for those attending to contribute towards the teacher and towards the running of Maitreya House
  • Make sure that leaflets describing the Maitreya House friends scheme are on view
  • If required, meet with the representative of the Crystal Group to sign out and communicate any issues, and for them to carry out cleaning

Rental fees are payable in advance, or at the discretion of the Crystal Group Committee.

The Crystal Group do not accept responsibility for any emotional, physical, mental or other such accidents or mishaps, that occur for those using the property. All people staying onsite do so at their own risk.