The main cottage
Shrine room
A cabin

Maitreya House is a beautiful retreat centre located in a remote part of Herefordshire.

The centre comprises a converted cottage and several wooden cabins on a four acre site, overlooking wonderful views to the Golden Valley and Hay Bluff, an unspolit rural setting - see photos.

The property is available to rent and is ideal for small, intimate groups but can accommodate 15 people or more if camping, or for private retreats. It has a wonderful energy and was created to build on the teachings of the late Namgyal Rinpoche.

There is no resident teacher so you can come as a group with your own leader. Or you may like to join one of the courses or retreats we run, with central themes of Buddha Dharma, mindfulness and spiritual unfolding.

DONATIONS: Help us keep this wonderful resource going for the benefit of all beings by donating whatever you feel moved to offer.

Renting Maitreya House during coronavirus restrictions

The decision to proceed with or make new bookings is down to the retreat organiser. We just ask that outgoing groups wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, door handles etc, prior to leaving (we’ll provide disinfectant and cloths for disposal).

We will generally not meet you to welcome you in, so contact us for details on getting the key, turning on the gas etc.  Clearly decisions will also be influenced by government-led restrictions on movement.

This year will challenge us financially, so to help us keep the charity and the house viable for future years, we are setting up a donation facility  and ask whether you could send this link to your students. We can return deposits on your request.