Booked events at Maitreya House

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Date Event More info
2022 dates
Jan 8-9th Sangha meeting
Jan 28th-31st Dharmamrtra retreat
Feb 18-20th Private booking (JC)
Feb 24th-2nd March Seeds of Peace
Mar 11-13th Weekend retreat with Simon Michaels See more and book
Mar 18 - Apr 1st Private booking for studio only (ML)
Mar 25-27th House only, Triratna Earth Sangha
April 9-10th AGM on Sunday
29th April - 3rd May Seeds of Peace
May 6-8th Kay Baxter group
May 13-15th Kalavathi
May 20-22nd Maintenance
May 20-30th Private booking for studio only (ZM)
June 2-7th Ad Brugman
June 9-12th Madelaine
June 24-26th Simon Michaels, remote retreat
June 28th - 3rd July Seeds of Peace
July 8-10th Alison Graham
July 11-15th Maintenance
July 22-24th Elena Dickie
July 28th-31st Prapto gathering
Aug 5th-9th Ad Brugman T'ai Ji retreat
Aug 11-15th Studio booking for ML
Aug 23rd - 28th Tim Jones Songworlds
Sept 23rd-25th Sangha working weekend
Sept 29-Oct 2nd held for Dao
Oct 6-9th Seeds of Peace
Oct 14-16th Kalavathi
Oct 20-24th Simon Michaels retreat See more and book
Oct 28 - 30th Fran Robinson
Dec 8-11th Seeds of Peace
2023 dates
Feb 23-26th Seeds of Peace
April 28 - May 1st Seeds of Peace
May 5-7th Kay Baxter group
June 23-25th Malavika Shetty
June 29 - July 2nd Seeds of Peace
July 21-23rd Elena Dickie
Sept held for teacher's gathering (JC)

Booking enquiries

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