Booked events at Maitreya House

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Date Event More info
2024 dates
Jan 19-21st Sophie Jones - studio only
Jan 25-28th Rosie Jones
Feb 28th - March 3rd Seed of Peace
March 10-20th Stages of Emptiness retreat
Mar 29-31st Kate Koycheff
Apr 5-8th Guttermonks
Apr 25 - 28th Seed of Peace
May 3-6th Judy Bruce
May 10-15th Simon Michaels retreat - The Way of Un Read more
May 17-19th Dhananjayoga
May 24 - June 2nd Jonathan Clifford breathing retreat
June 6th - 13th Ad Brugman meditation retreat
June 14-16th Kalavathi
June 20-23rd Women's Compassion retreat and full moon celebration Madelaine Watkins
June 27 - 30th Seed of Peace
July 5-7th Dhananjayoga
July 12-14th Alison Graham
July 19-22nd Family retreat- Connecting with nature and meditation Madelaine Watkins
July 25th - Aug 1st a.m. Philip Darcy
Aug 1st evg -6th Ad Brugman T'ai ji retreat
Aug 23-25th Malavika Shetty
Sept 4-8th Seed of Peace
Sept 26-30th Simon Michaels retreat
Oct 4-6th Kalavathi
Oct 10-13th Seed of Peace
Nov 28th-Dec 1st Seed of Peace
2025 dates
Feb 6-9th or 20-23rd Seed of Peace
Apr 3-6th Seed of Peace
May 7-11th Shiatsu Fran Robinson
June 12-15th Seed of Peace

Booking enquiries

Let us know when you'd like to book and what kind of event it is, at

We are taking no more bookings in 2024, and only registering interest for 2025.

Rental prices for 2025 will be £27 per person per night/day.  A £100 non-returnable deposit is taken on booking.

More details on application.