Booked events at Maitreya House

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Date Event More info
2021 Dates
Feb 25th - March 1st Seed of Peace NVC 3
May 6th -9th Seed of Peace NVC 4
Thurs 27th to Sun 30th May Kay Baxter group
June 4-6th Ri Ferrier group
June 11-13th held for Kalavathi
July 8th -11th Seed of Peace NVC 5
July 12th-19th Tim Jones "Songworlds"
21 - 31 August Doug Duncan retreat
17-19th Sept held for Kalavathi

Booking enquiries

Let us know when you’d like to book and what kind of event it is, at

If the date you want is provisionally booked, ask us, and we’ll check if it has become available again.

Please see the RiskAssessment if you are renting.