About us

Maitreya House is owned and run by the Crystal Group, a charity established to further the understanding and practice of Buddha Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha).

The property was identified as a suitable one for a retreat centre by Namgyal Rinpoche. In 1997 he was invited by the Crystal Group to come and teach again in the UK. Since then, until his passing in 2003, Rinpoche taught at The Orchard (the centre across the road) on a yearly basis. It was on his suggestion that the Crystal Group started looking for premises close to The Orchard. When Rose Cottage came on the market it presented the ideal location for that purpose.

On his last visit to the UK and a few weeks before his passing, Rinpoche blessed Rose Cottage by giving the empowerment of Maitreya Buddha at the cottage and renamed it Maitreya House.

Read more about our history (pdf document)

Regular teachings and retreats are offered here, as well as the opportunity for individual practice.

We welcome all those interested in developing a more mindful approach to life. There are courses for complete novices, as well as longer retreats for more experienced practitioners. Please feel free to speak with any of the management committee to find out more about who we are and whether this fits with what youre seeking.


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